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Infiltrator Systems Inc

Infiltrators Systems' patented sidewalls are designed to provide maximum infiltration and larger, more effective infiltrative area pr linear foot than others on the market. In fact, one in four systems installed in the U.S is and Infiltrator System. In addition to eliminating the need for washed stone and pipe, all chambers are designed to have a small footprint with equal or better performance, equivalent or sreater storage, and a higher Long-Term Acceptance Rate (LTAR)

Quick 4 Equalizer 36 Chamber

The Equalizer 36 chamber fits into a 24" wide trench and features the SideWinder sidewall.


Size: 22" x 53" x 12"

Effective Lenth: 48"



Quick 4 Equalizer 24 Chamber

The Equalizer 24 Chamber is the optimal choice for narrow trenches (18" wide) utilizing  SideWinder technology to maximze infiltrative area.


Size: 16" x 53" x 11"

Effective Length: 48"

Quick 4 Standard Infiltrator Chamber

The Standard Infiltrator Chamber is a low-profile unit with a 6" sidewall for shallow placement, including treatment mounds.


Size: 34" x 53" x 12"

Effective Length: 48"


Quick 4 High Capacity Infiltrator Chamber

​Quick 4 High Capacity chamber can be installed in a 36" wide trench. The contour swivel connection allows the chamber to swivel 10 degrees, left or right.


Size: 34" x 53" x 16"

Effective Length: 48"

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